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October 1, 2010 @ Citi Field

In terms of quality, this was an o.k. day at best. In terms of quantity, this was a great day. 
My birthday was last week, so my dad got tickets for my friends and I and we went to Citi Field right after school last Friday. I wasn’t optimistic that there would be BP, and I ended up being right. Originally, my friends and I went down near the Mets dugout to try to get autographs. However, I quickly went over to the the Nationals side when their pitchers started warming up. Soon after that, John Lannan, from Long Island, to sign a ball for me. He kept on moving around and I literally had to run in circles to finally get him. 
After they were done warming up, Craig Stammen and Tyler Clippard to sign the same baseball. Below is Stammen, who is wearing his glove on his head, and Clippard is on the right. 
Then, closer to the dugout, a player that my friends and I could not recognize was signing near the dugout so I got him to sign the baseball and I also got a picture with him. 
Later, I found out it was rookie closer Drew Storen. I took a short video of him signing. You can check it out HERE. The first baseball he signs is mine. Shortly after that, another pitcher stopped and signed for the small group of fans. It was Joe Bisenius, a reliever who has only had a cup of coffee in the big leagues. He also signed my baseball. Here is a video of him signing.

After that, the last two players on the field, veterans Miguel Batista and Joel Peralta walked in, and both signed my baseball. I had to throw and catch the ball while holding the camera at the same time, which was difficult. These would be the final Nationals autographs on the day. 

Finally, after getting 7 Nationals autographs before the game, I went back over to the Mets side and got Manny Acosta to sign a different ball for me in a big scrum.IMG_7795.JPG

That was all for pre-game. 8 autographs and no baseballs. Right before the game, Jose Reyes signed and I was so close from him, yet I didn’t get him. I got a video, however, check it out HERE
Finally, after 2 years of going to games at Citi Field, I finally ate shake shack. Single shack burger, fries, and a chocolate shake. Very filling, especially for a ballpark meal. After that, my friends and I settled in our seats in right field and saw an unlikely pitchers duel between Pat Misch and Jordan Zimmerman. Pat Misch struck out 10 over 8 innings and Zimmerman went 6 innings and allowed one run. 
Then came the bottom of the 10th, the game had gone by quickly, and rookie catcher Josh Thole stepped in. He got the count to 3-1, and I said, “Put on the green light, risk everything.” I guess Thole heard me because he sent the next pitch in my direction. I jumped out of my seat, however I could do nothing but watch the ball sail straight over my head. You can check out the footage HERE. I am circled in the screen shot below. I was wearing my Nationals hat, and I didn’t even realize it until I took it off until I got home. 
That gave the Mets their 78th win of the year, and a good one. That makes 3 different catchers that have hit walk-off homers for the Mets. Rod Barajas, Henry Blanco, and now, Josh Thole. 
Unless I somehow get Yankees playoff tickets, it looks like my 2010 season is over. 
Here are my final autographs. 
Manny Acosta                                                                 Miguel Batista & Joel Peralta 


Drew Storen & Joe Bisenius                             John Lannan, Tyler Clippard, Craig Stammen
That’s all for now. I’ll make a full season recap soon. 
 Thanks for Reading- Howie

The Many Ways To Lose a Baseball Game

First off, today, September 30, is my birthday. So, happy birthday to me. Also, today is the 2 year anniversary of the Mets first collapse. While on the topic of bad Mets losses, lets take a look at some of the worst: 

June 12, Mets leading their first ever game at New Yankee Stadium, Alex Rodriguez hits a pop-up to Luis Castillo…
Nothing else need be said. 
August 4, Johan Santana pitched 8 strong innings against the Cardinals, then handed the ball to Francisco Rodriguez and the bullpen, who promptly allowed 7 runs over the next 2 innings, capped off by a grand slam from this guy: 
Mets lose 12-5. 
19 short days later, on August 23, the Phillies paid a visit to Citi Field, down 9-7 in the bottom of the 9th, with runners on first and second, Jeff Francoeur hits a line drive up the middle when shortstop Eric Bruntlett caught the ball, stepped on second, and then tagged Daniel Murphy going to second to end the game. 
September 18, with the Mets coming back in the bottom of the 9th inning, and the tying and winning runs in scoring position, Jeff Francoeur hit a hard ground ball back off pitcher Mike MacDougal’s glove, then he picked it  up and threw out Francoeur to end the game.
Today, against the Nationals again, K-Rod was handed a 4-2 lead going into the bottom of the 9th, then with the bases loaded, Justin Maxwell, hit his first major league grand slam, a walk off job to beat the Mets 7-4. He also got a celebratory pie in the face. 
This season could not get that much worse. 
Thanks For Reading- Howie