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Apology and a Long Winter

Before I say anything, I would like to apologize for not blogging pretty much all winter. It was baseball’s off season, and I guess I took an offseason also. The winter was long, and baseball is finally almost back. I wish José Reyes’ injury was an April Fools joke, but it sadly is not. But since I had a long time away from the blog, my mail stack grew larger, and I will share that with you guys now. 

Former Brave and Pirate, Sid Bream, who is most notably known for a play simple known as “The Slide”, signed my cards. For those of you who don’t know what “The Slide” is, click HERE.
Former 3 time all star pitcher, Dan Plesac, signed a card. 


Met Legend and 1969 Miracle Met, Bud Harrelson, signed 2 cards, and one of the cards is from the Long Island Ducks team set. 
A man whose birthday is in less than 2 weeks, Woodie Fryman, signed a card in black pen, making the signature pretty hard to see. 
1980 World Champion Philadelphia Phillie Del Unser signed all 3 of my cards. 
A man who has been in baseball for over half a century, Don Zimmer, signed all my cards, my index card, and even personalized one of the cards. I appreciate him for that. 
You have to remember Jon Lieber, he signed all 3 of my cards. 
(Is my scanner really that bad that I missed the top of all the cards?)
During spring training, I wrote to a couple current players, no superstars, just a few pitchers. 
Orioles starter, Koji Uehara, signed a card. He either signed it or scribbled on it and wrote 19.
Scan 1.jpeg
Ryan Rowland-Smith, Mariners reliever, signed a card. 
Lastly, White Sox pitcher John Danks signed a card. 
That is all for the ttm cards. I will be at Citi Field for Mets Opening Day on Monday. 
Thanks for Reading. 

TTM Autos

I have not written an entry about my TTM autos in a long time, and I have gotten so many back, so, here it goes. 

Bobby Thigpen, former White Sox pitcher, signed my card. 


A former pitcher for the Angels and Tigers, Frank Tannana, signed all of my cards with some religious inscription. 

Current Cardinals manager, Tony LaRussa, signed 2 cards, one of them from the 80s. It is weird how he looks almost the same 20 years later. 
See what
I’m saying?
1998 AL Rookie of the Year, Ben Grieve, signed 2 cards. I think that this is the first autograph I have where the person is signing autographs on the card. 
Former All Star, Gold Glove Winner, and MVP, Andre Dawson, signed a card. 
Former Brooklyn Dodgers Pitcher and World Series Champion, Carl Erskine, signed a card. 
Jason Marquis, current Rockies pitcher, signed my card. 
Former pitcher for the Cubs and Pirates, Rick Reuschel, signed 4 cards. 
That’s all for now, thanks for reading.