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June 24, 2010 @ Citi Field!

I went to Citi Field yesterday. My father bought tickets for the front row in right field from Mets.com for face value. Earlier in the day, at around 2:30 PM, the sky opened up and these were in my front yard: 

Yeah, I got hail. It was nuts. It felt like there were bombs going off all around my house. My whole block lost power, and on the way to Citi Field, there were no traffic lights and that made getting there difficult. I was not optimistic that there would be BP, but we decided to go early anyway. To my surprise, when I arrived, the Mets were already hitting. I went to the area where my seats were in right field. I promptly found TWO easter eggs, one sitting in the front row, and another near the foul pole. Right after that, one of the mets coaches, who is circled in the photo below, threw me ball #3. 
Shortly after that, my father, who was in foul territory down the line, snagged a ball hit by one of the Mets. It landed in the seats, and he couldn’t find it, so I had to tell him to go down a ro, move to his left, and pick up the ball. This all happened within the first 5 minutes of entering the stadium. That was all I would get for Mets batting practice. 
Then, the Tigers came out for BP, and I changed into my Tigers hat. Shortly after, something odd happened. Some Tigers pitchers were standing around and chatting. Out of nowhere, the batter hit a fly ball right towards the Tigers pitchers, they were not paying attention, and the ball NAILED Jeremy Bonderman right in the head. It looked like it hurt. Then, since the Tigers don’t have enough class, they blamed US for not telling them, “Heads up.” Very classy Tigers, blame the fans for your failure to see the ball and lack of attention span. Here is a picture of some Tigers talking to us. 
Then, a security guard came out and gave Bonderman a helmet, which he wore for 2 minutes before giving it back. Then, the Tigers trainer came out and took him off the field. I later saw the ball hit him on the head in SportsCenter. Shortly after that, the Tigers gained some class back when Joel Zumaya tossed me ball #4. That was it for BP. 
It had 2 weird black marks on it. After that, my father and I took a picture with the baseballs we snagged during BP. I snagged 4, my father snagged 1. IMG_6259.JPG
After that, I saw something that I have never seen before at a baseball stadium. It was in the fan fest area, in the store. This was pretty awesome. 
CANDY! I got some, but it was gone pretty quickly. They had 3 levels of candy: Sugar Fix, Sugar Rush, and Sugar High. I got the middle one. 
Before the top of the 7th inning, Chris Carter tossed me his warm up ball. I stood up out of my seat, he threw it right to me, piece of cake. Ball #5 was in the books. Here is a picture of me holding the ball Carter threw me with him in the background. 
As for the game itself, the Mets made a dramatic comeback, but it fell short. They lost to the TIgers 6-5. Phil Coke struck out David Wright with the bases loaded and the tying run on 3rd. 
This is going to be my last game for a little while. 
Here are today’s baseballs. IMG_6346.JPG
The top row is balls 1,2, and 3. The bottom row is balls #4 and 5. Here are the sweet spots. Notice the practice stamp on the Mets balls and the black mark on the Zumaya ball. 
I am going away for the summer, so this is going to be my last blog entry until mid August. 
Thanks for reading, Have a great summer- Howie. 
Lets Go Mets!