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5/27/11 @ Citi Field

Before I begin this entry, I would like to apologize because the images in this entry are a little smaller than I would like them to be, but I can’t really control this because MLBlogs has shifted to a new format. Ok, now let’s get to the game.

If you have read this blog for a while, you may remember this game in 2009 when I had unbelievable seats. Well, yesterday night at Citi Field My father and I had those seats again.

We got to Citi Field about 10 minutes before the gates opened, and went straight to the Hodges VIP Gate on the first base side and were in the stadium in no time. I set up shop in the corner near the Mets dugout where they would walk by on their way to the dugout. Before I could get completely set up, I had an autograph. Justin Turner, a rookie who is on fire lately, started signing for people at the dugout, and I got his attention and got him  to sign a ball even though I under-threw my pen, as you can see in the video below. Thanks Justin!

As the Mets were slowly making their way off the field, I asked all of them to sign, but most of them just ignored me. There were a few people that responded to me though.

Former Met enemy Willie Harris stopped and signed a ball for me. The only way I knew it was him was because he is one of the rare players today that wears an ear flap on both sides of his batting helmet. Thanks Willie! 

Shortly after that, something unexpected happened. As Josh Thole was walking to the dugout I simply shouted, “Josh” and he responded by tossing me a ball. I wasn’t really expecting it and I didn’t even have my glove on me at the time, but I made the easy bare handed catch with my right hand. Thanks Josh!

Within literally 30 seconds of Thole throwing me a ball, another Mets rookie, outfielder Jason Pridie, came over and signed for me. I also was fortunate enough to take a picture with him because there wasn’t too much else going on at the time. Thanks Jason!

You can see all the autographs I got at the bottom of this entry.

That would be it for Mets BP, 3 autographs and a baseball. Not great, not awful.












I went over to the Phillies side for their BP, but didn’t get anything until the very end. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have access to the field like so many others did. But thanks to a great security guard who told me to be very quick, I was able to go on the field and get an autograph from Phillies manager Charlie Manuel. You probably can’t see me in that photo, but trust me, I’m there. Thanks Charlie! Thanks Security Guard! 






After thanking the security guard a million times, I realized a guy in a full uniform talking to people that he knew. I figured that he was a coach, and it turns out that it was 3rd base coach and former All-Star, Juan Samuel. He signed the ball that Charlie Manuel just signed.Thanks Juan! 




I got another autograph from former NFL Quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, who was at the game with his wife and kids. I took a video of him signing with 2 cameras, you can see both of them HERE.

Well, the game was about to start and I was in these fancy expensive seats. I had access to the Delta 360 Sky Club which had unlimited free food and drinks, which you can see below. Man, that was the best food I’ve had at a baseball game. You can’t see this in the pictures below, but there were also soft chocolate chip cookies and popcorn. Yummy Food.
















On my way to get the food, I passed this:

If you can get these seats at Citi Field, you can see what you probably won’t see most of the time.






The game was so awful that I won’t mention it. Here is a picture of the field behind me while standing in front of my seat.









Today’s baseball:








And now, my autographs from today.


Charlie Manuel

Justin Turner

Willie Harris and Jason Pridie




Sorry I can’t figure out how the new MLBlogs system works.


Thanks for Reading-Howie

Juan Samuel